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Deep down, or even blatantly staring back at yourself in the mirror, you know there is a better way– some way to get ahead, or just something different that works better than what you’re doing in your business, career, and life right now. If you were to sum it up in one word, how does the word stuck feel? Does that sound about right? How about overwhelmed, frustrated, lost, behind, unclear…I could go on but there’s no need to pour salt on the wounds—why else would you be on our website, right? You need help, tools, guidance, solutions!

We understand! We have been there and we have made the active decision in our lives to be successful and share that success with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Dr. Connie Evans, DC and Dr. Brad Kaufman, Phd., teach online business and marketing to attraction-centered entrepreneurs, like yourself, that need that extra insight, access to tools and education, and guidance on the path to success.

Because you’re here right now, we know you’re full of an entrepreneurial spirit, embrace a positive mindset, and are brimming with creative ideas that need to find the light of day!

So what’s holding you back?

  • Maybe you’re unclear about the product you want to create or promote or how to even begin to market it.
  • Maybe you need help growing the great and hallowed golden “list” every successful online marketer has and wondering to yourself, “how in the world do I build one?”
  • Maybe you want an entire tribe of raving fans on your Facebook Fan page or Twitter or Instagram.
  • Maybe you’re tired of feeling alone, like a washed-up ship on an abandoned island, and want a community of like-minded business leaders you can bounce ideas around. Yes, behold, the Mastermind groups! Family and friends can be supportive, but we all know that glazed over look they get when you try to describe your online business, right? Oh, to be surrounded with people cut from the same cloth!
  • Maybe you’re an established online business that wants to have a bigger impact.
  • Maybe it’s time to put your creative genius towards something that matters on a global scale.
  • Maybe you’re ready to quit that day job and dive both feet in (terrifying, but exhilarating at the same time)!
  • And maybe you’re all the above! BUT, we’re back to that word again: Stuck.

Like we said earlier, we’ve been there, too! Did we jump from biz opp to biz opp? Yes. Did we have sucky uplines with no duplicatable systems? Hell yes. Did we become part of the NFL (No Friends Left) Club? Indeed. Did we spin our wheels in a sea of anxiety wondering where our next prospects would come from? Guilty as charged. Did we invest (old me would have said ‘waste’ but every bump in the road is, after all, a lesson!) thousands of dollars on sketchy cold leads lists, autodialers, text broadcasting, paid ads, unscrupulous online gurus? Yes, yes, and sadly, yes.

And then, we found My Lead System Pro (MLSP). Taught us everything we know, true story! And we are dedicated to sharing what we know with you. With some soul searching, HOURS/DAYS of learning the ever-changing landscape of online marketing, and some good ole fashioned pulling up the bootstraps, we came to some serious core convictions:


  1. We know you have the innate, inherent power you were born with to build an online business that generates a profit, delivers personal gratification, and touches people’s lives you may or may not ever meet. We will show you how it is done!
  2. We know you have goals that need to be brought to the forefront in your mind and turned into a reality—with determination and mindset, you are unstoppable and a force to reckon with!
  3. We know you are worthy of success, happiness, respect, and love. We are here to provide you the tools and education to create and integrate those feelings in every nook and cranny of your existence.
  4. We know you were put here on this great, green and blue rock to do, be, sell, or say something IMPORTANT, and we’re here to help you get where you want to be.
Dr. Connie with Buttons and Zippers

So how did two, down to earth doctors become online marketers?

I (Dr. Connie) became a chiropractor in 2005. I loved practicing, I love my patients, and I love everything chiropractic and anything to do with living a healthy life through mind, body, and soul. I keep in touch with many of my patients and am thankful they still ask for advice! But let’s not kid ourselves here, practicing was hard! Chiropractic school preps you for being a phenomenal doctor, but boy did they leave out the fact that you become an instant small business owner overnight. I figured out pretty fast that you don’t own your small business, it owns you. And guess what? There’s no sick days or vacation for the boss! If I wasn’t there to see a patient, I didn’t get paid! Now, like I said, and let me be firm on this, I loved practicing and my patients, but I didn’t love the time it took from my personal life. Fast forward a few years, and I know this sounds abrupt, but I’m going to lay it on you, I became a widow at the age of 34.

My world crashed down and I was broken. Completely to bits. That was a very dark time for me. The greatest lesson (and there were many lessons) that I learned and am still learning on my journey through grief, is how short, valuable, unique, and a literal gift that life is. And all I wanted was time in my life. Time to enjoy everything around me that I love—family, friends, dogs, cats, birds, wine! And this caused a major paradigm shift in my thinking about how I was exchanging my time for money. You know, a ‘job.’ I started researching online about leveraging your time and money, making your money work for you. I learned about multilevel marketing, online marketing, social media marketing, and investing into a leveraged system to create not just financial freedom, but time freedom. And that’s all I want out of this short life—time freedom! Folks, I haven’t looked back since. This is the path for me and I am committed to sharing the tools to achieving time freedom in your life. I want you to spend those precious moments with your family. I know all too well our time here is ephemeral. The Universe, God, Spirit, whatever name it goes by in your mind, was gracious enough to put Dr. Brad in my life. We fell in love at first sight (puke rainbows, right?) and he has joined me on this journey!

I (Dr. Brad) have always loved science. I wanted to be a Renaissance man and be an expert in everything, but sadly, those days are past and most scientists have to specialize. After college, I decided to pursue my thirst for knowledge by getting a PhD. This was great! I learned a lot and got to explore the unknown aspects of human knowledge. However, looking past my doctorate, there seemed limited options; I either ‘had to’ become a postdoctoral fellow, become a professor, or join the darkside (industry). Postdocs make very little money and work long hours. The Academic field is crowded with tenured professors and currently, something like less than 10% of all PhD students get an academic position after graduating. Industry seemed like a decent option as it pays decently. But I would be stuck working in a lab or cubicle all day being expected to move fast and make up for slowness by working after hours. Also, the freedom to investigate curiosities would be missing; I would have to focus on the end goal of the company. Luckily, I met Dr. Connie in my last year of my PhD and we discussed other options, including starting our own business together. I have come to enjoy and love the freedom, both time and from a boss, that this business has provided me.

Dr Brads Graduation

But enough about us.

You are here for you, as you should be! Like we said, MLSP has EXPLODED our online business and now we want to help you build your own profitable online business as well.

We offer free resources, online courses, a Facebook community, the RIGHT online tools for social media engagement, strategies on marketing and leveraging your time and money, list building, blog creation, free webinars, and so much more!

Before we go, we want to invite you to join our email list community. It’s free and you’ll get access to some tasty on going bonuses! You’ll also get weekly invites to free, live webinars from industry top leaders and 7-figure income earners with new topics and training every week. That, folks, is priceless and we want to give it to you for joining us TODAY.

So what are you waiting for, sign up!

From the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate you!

–Dr. Connie and Dr. Brad

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